Your meal has a new sidekick.

Single origin, Cold pressed, Nabali Olives

Discover the timeless allure of our single-origin Nabali varietal olive oil—an embodiment of centuries-old Mediterranean tradition. With a rich and nuanced flavor profile, each golden drop encapsulates the enduring legacy of our ancient groves.

Full flavor,

Not for the faint hearted. Our olives are early harvested. Meaning they pack a punch of flavor. Add our olive oil for an unprecedented flavor profile to any meal, side, dessert, or pan. Perfect for drizzling or cooking, our olive's peppery, robust finish will have you wish you met us earlier.

Rain-water fed.
Hand harvested.

We keep things old school. At Othmana, we believe the simpler the better. No fancy techniques or gimmicks here. We only practice harvest and bottle methods as it was taught to us by our parents. And their parents, for over 4 generations.

Deir Dibwan

Warm summers and mild winters. Rolling hills and deep valleys. Deir Dibwan creates the perfect canvas for our olives to flourish. Our olives pack a punchy, unique and peppery flavor profile. Their unparalleled taste is a testament to our sacred groves.

100% for Gaza

Every drop is a dollar in aid to the families affected by the ongoing crisis. We are committed to donating all of our proceeds from our 2023 harvest to the Palestinian Children Fund to help families in need. Read more on our blog.

Our earth in mind

Our packaging features eco-minded components, including 100% plant based, biodegradable packing peanuts and recycled paper. Othmana is committed to bring more of these solutions to our business through time. We ship via ocean freight from Palestine to reduce carbon emissions.

350 year old farming, done right every time

Our harvesting and farming practice is our pride. Our olives are sustainably gathered, treated and packaged as they have been for hundreds of years. Our trees are tended by our family with the utmost care to deliver delicious, reliable quality olive oil in every single bottle.

A Bottle of Support
We are putting our money where our mouth is. We stand with Gaza. 100% of our Fall 2023 harvest proceeds are going to save the kids with organizations like the PCRF.