Our Delicious Oils

Discover the flavor of Palestine in our early harvest, extra virgin olive oil. Othmana olive oil is made from the rumi olive varietal that is carefully hand-picked at the beginning of the harvest season, ensuring the highest quality and flavor.
The olives are grown in the fertile soils of Palestine, where they are nourished by the sun, the rain, and the Mediterranean Sea breeze. The unique climate and terroir of the region give our olive oil a distinctive, tangy flavor profile and subtle peppery bitter finish.
By tasting our extra virgin olive oil, you can experience the authentic taste of Palestine and learn about the traditional methods used by Palestinian farmers to cultivate and harvest their olives. You will also be supporting the Palestinian identity and contributing to the preservation of Palestinian heritage and culture.
Whether you use our olive oil for cooking, dipping, or drizzling over your favorite dishes, you will savor the rich and complex flavors that make it a true culinary treasure of Palestine.